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About That Guy Eyewear

That Guy Eyewear is an independent eyewear retailer established in 2015, first in North Sacramento.  In January of 2022, we relocated the business to 33rd Street and Broadway in the historic Oak Park district of Sacramento.  Early on we developed the philosophy that owning one pair of glasses is counterintuitive to owning multiple pairs of shoes or pants, shirts, blouses, skirts, dresses, suits, ties, even hats.   We believe folks should have an “eyedrobe” to complement their wardrobes.  And even if you’re not a ‘fashionista’, we believe owning an “eyedrobe” is still essential from a function standpoint.  One doesn’t bowl in ice skates, nor play softball in dress shoes.  There’s a reason they’re called ‘tennis shoes’.  So perhaps one needs safety glasses for work, polarized lenses for water sports, glasses with lenses specifically designed for extended computer use, or lenses specifically designed for plumbers, mechanics, artists.   So, we’ve become creative to help you get your #eyedrobe together, half price on the purchase of a second frame, layaway, and more.  Early on, we found that a diverse selection of styles and reasonable pricing kept our customers coming back.  As an independent eyewear retailer, we have the mission to promote talented independent designers such as Michel Atlan, Jonathan Cate, and many other unique lines, so that our clients have exciting, gorgeous styles.  And having an onsite laboratory means we’re able to keep our lens pricing very competitive.  Just know that we prefer not to sell cheap glasses, but rather we carry high quality eyewear for less. 

Folks have come from all over the Sacramento Metro region and as far away as Chico, Stockton, even the Bay Area to shop at “That Guy” Eyewear.  Unique styles.  Reasonable pricing, Faster turnaround time.  Next time you get new glasses tell your friends and family you got them from “That Guy”, the #eyedrobe specialist